EditShare for Broadcast

EditShare for Broadcast

Wednesday May 31, 2023 15:41

Your exclusive is slated for this evening’s news.

Your program, media, and editorial needs to be cut, edited, indexed, logged and ready for playout. 

With live news broadcasts there are no second chances… Your content HAS to be ready. 

Is your current production workflow system fast, resilient, and secure? Can you rely on it to deliver your files quickly, without using USB sticks, or sending files via transfer and other unsecure, arduous methods? 



Guardian – The Value of Security and Access Control

Security is paramount when dealing with media. Ransomware, hacks, pirated content are all on threats to your content. Through the guardian platform, the auditing stack delivers real time analytics about what’s happening in a facility.

The 5 w’s - Who has done what to which file when and where. 



Benefits of using EditShare for Broadcast

  • Storage growth on your terms:  start small and grow when and how you want
  • FLOW is easy to use Media Asset Management that works with Avid, Adobe, Final Cut, and Resolve
  • Open API natively integrates with multiple newsrooms and playout vendors
  • Delivers SSO capabilities as per your IT team
  • Central storage platform enables all islands (promos/news/graphics) to connect without the need for proprietary systems
  • Resilient infrastructure- High Availability for optimal uptime is built into the tech stack, eliminating media loss

Download the EditShare for Broadcast data sheet here. 


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