EditShare for Education

EditShare for Education

Wednesday May 31, 2023 15:40

A new class of directors, producers and editors are learning their craft at schools, colleges, and universities around the world. To prepare them for the workforce, educators need to offer a “real- life” creative environment – all while managing submissions from hundreds of students and offering compatibility across creative tools. 


Are you seeking a solution for media education programs that needs robust, high-performance storage, and media asset management?

EditShare’s EFS Open Storage Platform and FLOW Media management provide educators a storage backbone with integrated media management that connects the various media workgroups and the systems they use. 



Guardian – The Value of Security and Access Control

Security is paramount when dealing with media. Ransomware, hacks, pirated content are all on the minds of educational establishments. Through the guardian platform, the auditing stack delivers real time analytics about what’s happening. 



Benefits of using EditShare for Education

  • Storage growth on your terms:  start small and grow when and how you want
  • Permissions-based system and easy project management:  remote data updating and media archiving
  • FLOW is easy to use Media Asset Management that works with Avid, Adobe, Final Cut, and Resolve
  • Advanced APIs:  enable colleges and universities to deeply integrate systems across the facility and build new workflows that better support the organization as a whole
  • Collaboration and Security: there is no single point of failure across the entire technology stack with high availability to ensure continuous, optimal operations
  • Total Flexibility: FLOW is easy-to-use Media Asset Management that works with Avid, Adobe, Final Cut, and Resolve allowing students to use their creative tool of choice securely accessed from any location

Download the EditShare for Education data sheet here. 


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