Trade in your Technical Monitor with PRISM's Trade-In-Program

Trade in your Technical Monitor with PRISM's Trade-In-Program

Thursday June 15, 2023 16:14

Monitor not handling today’s modern video formats and standards?
Can't process video over IP based signal transports?

We know that Telestream/Tektronix monitors are workhorses; they keep on going and going,
but new tech comes on so fast, and old hardware just can’t keep up.
Never fear, Telestream has your back!  
You can receive up to 30% trade in credit when you trade in a five-year-old working Tektronix, or equivalent competitor product.
Upgrade to a new PRISM model that will get you back on track!
Download the datasheet for more info, or contact us directly
We're happy to help you select the perfect monitor to fit your specific needs. 

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