Clear-Com, an HME company, has been a trusted global provider of professional real-time communication solutions and services since 1968. The company offers innovative, market-proven technologies that connect teams together through wired and wireless systems. Clearcom products facilitate the seamless coordination of any activity all while maintaining reliability, security and simplicity.

Clear-Com was the first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems for live performances. Since then, their history of technological advancements and innovations has delivered significant improvements in the way people collaborate in any professional setting where real-time communication is required.

Gencom has represented Clear-com in New Zealand since the 1990s and in that time have consistently met communication requirements of varying size and complexity across a wide range of markets – broadcast, cine production, live performance, live events, sports, military, aerospace, and government.

Our reputation in the New Zealand industry providing Clearcom is not just based on our product achievements, but around our consistent level of customer engagement, dedication to delivering the right solutions for specialized application, and the expertise to make it work.

Contact us today for help choosing the right solution across Clear-com's product portfolio, including:

  • Wired Intercom: Encore, HelixNet, Eclipse HX and Trilogy Gemini
  • Wireless Intercom: Freespeak II and Edge, DX410, DX340ES, DX300ES, DX210, DX121, DX100
  • IP Communications: LQ, Eclipse, Freespeak, Station-IC, Agent-IC, Trilogy Mercury
  • Signal Transport & Interoperability: LQ, ProGrid, BroaMan, Gateway bridging, FIM Optical Fibre
  • Signal and Reference Generator: Trilogy Mentor

Applications: , , ,


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