Protecting your Content from Cybercrime with Object Matrix

Protecting your Content from Cybercrime with Object Matrix

Monday August 2, 2021 14:44

The past year has seen unprecedented growth in the scale and disruption caused by ransomware and other cybercrime attacks. Many organisations are finding that their Preventative Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies aren’t enough to combat these new threats. 

MatrixStore was built from the ground up with data security in mind, with a robust enterprise architecture and built-in support for data retention, replication, and immutability policies. Active Directory and LDAP support simplifies user management across large organisations while comprehensive auditing and alerting ensures that you can always stay on top of who is interacting with your storage.

Object Matrix recently hosted a webinar in which they discussed and demonstrated some of the best ways to protect your valuable media assets. They have also written several blog posts addressing ransomware and data security in the current climate. Check out the links below, and contact Gencom to learn more.


Top Tips for Protecting your Valuable Media Assets from Cybercrime

Object Matrix Global Sales Engineer, Mark Habberfield, and CTO Francisco Ontoso-Ramos recently held a webinar in which they discussed and demonstrated some of the best ways to protect your valuable media assets. The session is now available on YouTube for on-demand viewing:

Ransomware: Could Someone Prevent You from Going to Air?

Media production companies are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks because many of them keep all, or a significant portion, of their information assets in very few places. And highly targeted attacks are on the rise, making a Digital Content Governance strategy which takes cybercrime into account absolutely critical. This blog post highlights some of the major threats and discusses how to keep your data safe.

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Ransomware in Media Workflows

Why Non-negotiable and Non-unswervable Immutability Must Become Your Key Defence

Gartner place CyberSecurity as the number one investment area from their CIO services survey and little wonder. Ransomware attacks are now regularly hitting the headlines, and are only getting better as the profitability continues to rise. In this blog post, Object Matrix does a deep dive into Data Immutability and how it can make media organisations safer. 

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Check out this interview with IABM!

Nick Pearce and Ben Dales discuss cyber security and how MatrixStore helps companies to protect their content from internal and external threats.

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