At its core, Kramer is a technology company dedicated to finding better, smarter solutions, not bigger boxes.

Kramer was founded in 1981 with passion and resolve to innovate in the video era. Since then the company has consistently grown and evolved with an industry that has raced forward at lightning speed. Today, along with partners and distributors such as Gencom, they passionately serve Pro AV customers on six continents with innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software applications and industry-leading hardware.

The company offers a range of over 4,000 specialised hardware devices, allowing each customer to find a solution tailored to their connectivity and functionality needs. Complementing these hardware products is a portfolio of innovative, user-friendly software solutions for AV network management, collaboration and wireless presentation. And, their cutting-edge cloud technologies form the foundation for Kramer’s revolutionary new Control solution. Kramer Control systems are easy to build, manage, scale and maintain remotely, with no programming knowledge required.

Gencom’s engineers are trained and experienced with the Kramer Control platform, and can support AV integrators with design advice or can design and deploy complete turnkey solutions.



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