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DEVA Broadcast offers a complete line of high quality and competitive products for FM and Digital Radio, Radio Networks, Telecommunication Operators and regulation authorities. The company is based in Burgas, Bulgaria and serves the broadcast and corporate markets worldwide – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations. It is dedicated to the research, design, development, and provision of advanced products, systems and services. DEVA launched its own brand back in 1997 and has evolved to become known as a market leader and internationally respected manufacturer of user-friendly, cost-effective and innovative broadcast products.

Creativity and innovation are deeply woven into DEVA corporate culture. Through successful engineering, marketing, and management their team of dedicated professionals creates future-oriented solutions to improve customers’ performance. The team takes pride in their pre- and post-sales support and purchase services, which along with the outstanding quality of their radio gear have won them wide respect and a market-leading position.

Over two decades of intensive software and hardware development, the company's products have achieved unmatched reliability and price/performance.  The most recognizable characteristics attributed to DEVA products are their clear-cut, streamlined design, easiness of use and cost-effectiveness: simplicity of forms but a multiplicity of functions.

DEVA engineers are in constant pursuit of new ideas and technologies to be captured in their solutions. Simultaneously, strict control is exercised at each step of any new development. Experience and hard work are fundamental but the continuous improvement process is never left aside.

All DEVA products are developed and produced in accordance with the latest ISO 9001 quality control standards.



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