Introducing the Archivist from Lasergraphics

Introducing the Archivist from Lasergraphics

Thursday April 15, 2021 14:08

Lasergraphics delivers preservation-quality 8/16mm film scanning at an unbelievable low price!
Lasergraphics has long been the market leader in quality, performance and efficiency for motion picture film scanning. With the release of the Archivist, they raise the bar once again by integrating many key features from the ScanStation series and a brand new backlit 5.3K sensor for 16mm performance rivalling the ScanStation at a fraction of the price.


Key features include:
  • Up to 5K scan resolution at 16mm (2.5K at 8mm; 35mm not supported)
  • Scanning Speeds up to 30fps
  • Built-in software-based optical sound and optional magnetic readers enable capturing image and sound in a single pass
  • Optional single-pass colour and B&W 2-flash HDR for superior shadow detail in very dense print and reversal film
  • Gentle sprocketless film transport ideal for older films
  • Warped film gate option allows scanning of highly damaged and warped film
  • Output to many file formats (DPX, ProRes, TIFF, JPEG2000, MP4, WAV) simultaneously*
  • Lasergraphics’ patented Automatic Failed Splice Recovery greatly improves workflow efficiency when dealing with old film that may have deteriorated splices.
  • Built-in colour grading tools ensure the best possible neutral grade from even severely dye-faded film, and eliminates a post-processing step


As with Lasergraphics’ other scanners, the Archivist comes as a complete system including Windows PC workstation, UI monitor, keyboard and mouse. The Archivist also uses the same advanced software that customers around the world have come to rely on. If needed, Gencom can configure a complete system including storage, networking and reference monitoring that is tailored to each customer’s needs.

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