Looking for a cost-effective, flexible & scalable MAM system?

Looking for a cost-effective, flexible & scalable MAM system?

Wednesday October 20, 2021 13:10

Cubix Platform has been designed by Ortana Media Group with one thought in mind: provide customers with the best system possible without the prohibitively high cost of others.

They have made this possible through ensuring the product is modular, highly configurable, and deployable in a true hybrid design - giving you the flexibility to manage your media on-prem or on-cloud. Furthermore, the core of the Cubix Platform can be easily extended thanks to an open API and over 65 vendor integrations. This means that you may start small and scale as your needs change, as well as customise the system features suiting your workflow specifications and business needs.

All of this is powered by automation & orchestration, boosting your workflow processes and saving your business tons of money.

With Cubix Platform you can easily manage your media assets, ingest, transcode, archive, augment, distribute right through to billing and more!

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