Lasergraphics has been at the forefront of film imaging system technology for nearly 40 years. Long known for high-end film scanners used by the motion picture industry worldwide, in the last five years the company has created a complete range of scanner systems to meet any customer’s particular mix of technical requirements and budget.

The Director 10K leads the market with the most advanced imaging system available, at up to 10K resolution.

The ScanStation 5K is a workhorse that can scan any film format from 8mm to 70mm at high speed, with exceptional sharpness and clarity. The company’s patented Automatic Failed Splice Recovery system enables highly efficient volume workflows by allowing operators to fix broken splices without removing the reel from the scanner, then picking up seamlessly in the same location.

Rounding out the series is the ScanStation Personal, which offers key ScanStation features and imaging quality in a very cost-effective design.



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