Introducing the Cartoni UV-C BOXER LED

Introducing the Cartoni UV-C BOXER LED

Monday September 6, 2021 12:33

The new UV-C LED Boxer is less than half the size and weight of the original UV-C BOXER but with the same technology certified to disinfect by two independent labs!

Housed in a compact custom-designed, HPCR fireproof case, the UV-C LED Boxer is perfect for use on set!




The Focus family of fluid heads are compact and lightweight. Designed for today’s high-performance cameras, the Focus family is the perfect system for independent content creators, digital cinematographers, and broadcasters.

The Focus family pairs well with Cartoni’s innovative Smart Deployment System tripods which sets up & folds in an instant or with the affordable Red Lock tripod.
Cartoni tripods are in stock now and ready to ship!



“The thing I love the most about the Cartoni Red Lock system is how it can go from a little over 5ft high to 2ft in seconds, not only that, it’s lightweight and durable. I shoot a lot of mountain biking, motocross and skateboarding, which means I need something that is easy to carry and can quickly break oown for run and gun type of shooting, hence why I got the Cartoni Red Lock System with the Focus 10.”

Ricki Bedenbaugh
Senior Cinematographer, Fox Racing

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