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Social Media Management / Inception

Inception is a nexus around which media flows. It connects traditional broadcast production to social media.

Inception lets you organize your online presence, and control how the message gets delivered to social media, video sites, websites and broadcasts with tools that let your teams collaborate on content, securely share access to social networks, and plan how it all gets published. Find social media and deliver to production graphic systems, research a breaking story on Twitter and send it to news, update the latest on your Facebook page and website – Inception includes tools to handle it all.
New version 4 features

Web Publishing
Expand your reach even further, and create blog and website content in Inception. Story formats have been added for WordPress and BIM that let you create, edit and publish content for your site.

Smart Windowing
Includes a new layout system that optimizes how windows are presented, and tools to quickly create the perfect Smart view to give users unprecedented access to the information they need, whether they are using Inception on their PC, tablet or phone.

User Perspectives
Getting around in Inception has never been easier! Perspectives allow each user to build their perfect Smart views of Inception, and save them to the Perspectives popdown to easily choose which view they see. Administrators can make perspectives global to make default views for specific tasks.
Social Media Management

Build followers by managing all of your social networks with Inception. Inception is a suite of management tools to create, organize, then publish content to where it belongs, all wrapped up in an editorial workflow with roles defined to promote teamwork. Text, pictures and video can be combined or individually managed, letting you create the ideal set of messages tailored to the task at hand. Rundown tools lets you organize campaigns, promotions, news and breaking event coverage with the ability to create individual posts, or lists containing stories containing one or more formats. Live publishing tools, powerful scheduling capabilities, and ties into your broadcast production lineup Inception lets you control how and when each message gets delivered.

Publishing engines for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Brightcove, WordPress and BIMcms are all included.

Engage your audience using Inception to tie social networks into your production. Inception provides a framework to moderate real-time social data, identify key posts for use and push to production graphics systems such as Ross XPression. Build simple or complex searches across social networks to find the messages that you want. Playlist tools let you pull and edit content from searches or enter your own messages. Graphics systems tie into the Inception using RSS, each playlist is given its own feed so pop-ups, crawls, full screen boards and more can each be targeted with their own list of content.

System Management

Web-based and Mobile
No client install, Inception is entirely web-based and works with all popular browsers (PC, Mac, Linux and mobile) to give equal access to the system whether you are sitting at your workstation or on the road. A back end web host and database is included, using standard interfaces to allow backups and upgrades to happen seamlessly.

User roles and management
Create and manage roles within your system, and assign roles to users or drawn from your Active Directory (LDAP) system. Decide who gets to create content, approve, and publish to each destination. Comprehensive logging is included, to see when each item was created, edited, approved and published, along with who and when the change was made. 


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