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New Zealand Police – Auckland District Command Centre

The New Zealand Police has recently been implementing several initiatives designed to improve officer responsiveness and efficiencies as well as the organisation's ability to prevent crime through better uptake and use of technology. Police have been deploying mobile technology including iPhones and iPads to officers throughout the country, providing staff with easier access to information while also enabling command centres to more easily monitor activities in the community, direct resources and communicate more effectively with frontline staff.

In order to make the best use of this technology, Police have built a series of District Command Centres throughout the country. One of the most advanced is in Auckland City District where Gencom Technology has designed and installed an advanced automated video wall system. Gencom was asked to design a solution for the Auckland DCC that would make switching between multiple sources and views of various feeds, fast and simple.

Using an iPad as a graphical touch screen interface, the AMX controller can switch eight sources from four computers to any of the 8 screens, expanding feeds to fill four screens when necessary. With an integrated KVM switcher, control of those computers can be transferred among operator stations at the same time. Outputs from the DCC can be fed to two meeting rooms, one with an interactive projector set up.

According to Peter Wallace, the Gencom Project Manager in charge of the effort, “the client had an initial idea and Gencom developed and refined it as the project proceeded. In the end a very complex system has been made very easy to operate and the client was thrilled with the results.”
Gencom has since deployed a similar system for the Waitemata DCC, and continues to work with police to enhance their capabilities throughout the country.


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