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MetService Launches Video Weather Channel

23rd February, 2012: Gencom designs and builds new studio facility for MetService’s new video weather channel, MetService TV on metservice.com.

Ray Sanders, Gencom’s CEO explains, ’MetService approached us with the concept for a dedicated video weather channel to enhance its existing weather forecasting services. The aim was to use a daily news bulletin format to provide the latest, detailed New Zealand weather information to its users - producing professional video broadcasts for internet, mobile and TV consumers.’
New Zealand based MetService and its international brand MetraWeather are a global weather authority providing weather intelligence to the news, energy, retail and industrial sectors worldwide. MetService is Australasia’s number one provider of broadcast weather presentation expertise through its purpose-built weather graphics system, Weatherscape.

Gencom designed the new green screen studio using products from: Broadcast Pix, AJA Video Systems, Ikegami and Ensemble Designs.

The Broadcast Pix Mica is the hub of the new studio video production unit providing the video switcher, CG graphics, video clipstore, device control and show automation as an integrated product that can be operated by one user.

The presenter team is led by MetService's media and communications meteorologist Daniel Corbett, a highly experienced broadcast meteorologist already known to BBC viewers worldwide. The daily forecast bulletins can be viewed on MetService’s TV channel at metservice.com/tv/index.

MetService General Manager Communications Jacqui Bridges says, “Our aim is to showcase MetService’s unique expertise across the full spectrum of weather – forecasting, interpretation, communication and presentation – by using our own people and technology to deliver timely and useful weather insights to customers, news media and direct to consumers here and overseas.”
Gencom’s strengths in planning, design, engineering, team expertise and project management skills translated into on-time results for MetService. Ray Sanders said, ‘The next stages are in the planning phase and will enable more complex studio productions, the ability to link-up with other broadcasters and produce live and programmed content for all consumer devices, IPTV and video platforms.’

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Gencom Technology 
Ray Sanders, CEO

About Gencom Technology
Gencom is a leading provider of integrated broadcast solutions, which has built a strong reputation for inspiration, partnership and support over the last 40 years.
Gencom’s investment in not only the finest technology but the training of their staff in areas of HDTV transmission, media asset management and delivering technologies like IPTV on a global scale, has made them one of the most talented and experienced design and support services world-wide.

Gencom provides end-to-end technology solutions for the broadcast, multimedia and telecommunications industries from its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and design centres in Sydney and Singapore; as well as regional offices in Melbourne, Wellington, and Johannesburg and representatives in Delhi and London.

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