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Māori Television, New Zealand’s national indigenous broadcaster, has enhanced their social media capabilities with Ross Inception.

“Māori Television is focused on integrating traditional broadcasting capabilities with new online services to enhance viewer engagement and social media plays a huge part in this. What attracted us to Inception is the fact that it has both news and broadcast integration, a unique feature not found in many products,” said Mark Bullen, General Manager Technology.

“Inception allows us to push and pull social media comments and tweets, satisfying our need to manage outgoing social media content and allowing us to create and moderate incoming social media queues for use in our broadcast graphics. It also allows separation between creation and authorisation, and the ability to audit our social media pushes. LDAP is also another important feature that means we can centralise and reduce the administration of user management.

“Social media is predominantly used as a mechanism to promote our range of programmes and keep our viewers informed, continued Mark Bullen. “We have found that Inception is an effective and simple way to do this and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Ross Video in the future.”

“The viewing behavior of the audience has changed with the emergence of social media sites, smart phones, and tablets. Broadcasters are seeking new ways to reach out to its viewers and to connect with its audience at these various platforms. Ross Video’s Inception provides security, management, and workflow efficiencies when it comes to engaging this market space,” said Dae Yung Choe – Vice President, Ross Video Asia Pacific.

Ross Video is represented by Gencom Technology Ltd in New Zealand.
Visit http://www.rossvideo.com and http://www.gencom.com


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