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General Dynamics Mediaware’s Instream Solutions

General Dynamics Mediaware will be showing their InStream product range at this year’s NAB Show, booth SU2602.

Mediaware’s InStream product range provides an innovative and cost effective solution to native digital video management, distribution and real-time interstitial insertion. Whether it’s high definition or standard definition, InStream will optimise your content production and transmission workflows.

Accurate MPEG stream splicing is an essential element of content insertion and replacement for digital television and therefore forms a critical component for addressing market differentiation in the digital domain. InStream simplifies the process of addressing new and existing markets for broadcasters, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the burden of network complexity and bandwidth requirements.

Mediaware’s Insertion Server is a real-time, frame accurate, long GOP, native MPEG compressed domain splicer and file-based MPEG insertion server. The core technology provides for seamless transitions between events, without the requirement for complex network timing systems and pre-encoded interstitial boundary intervention. Mediaware’s Insertion Server is the first splicing solution to enable live switching of native MPEG Transport Streams with true frame accuracy.

Mediaware’s InFuze is a solution for inserting graphical overlays into MPEG video. InFuze enables the branding of master copies of video without image degradation. A single input file can be processed to provide multiple outputs, each with separate logos, copyright notices or usage rights inserted. Integrating InFuze into your existing system enables the move to a completely file-based syndication and rights management platform.

Flux is a new approach to content recording for VOD, Broadcast and New Media. It is a simple alternative to the current range of cumbersome offerings. Content is recorded agnostically and without user intervention. Backed by Mediaware’s live-file, fast turn-around native editing solutions, Flux is the perfect solution to securing your content. Flux is a highly dependable, highly scalable software solution for capturing multiple UDP data channels.

Using Mediaware’s MPEG processing technologies, InStream Edit delivers frame-accurate, compressed domain video clip extraction. Coupled with Mediaware’s Flux smart content recorder, InStream Edit reduces the end-to-end turnaround time for re-purposed content from centralised distribution locations.

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