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Carbonite eXtreme Chassis

Carbonite eXtreme breaks away from the traditional production switcher architecture. Production switchers are typically designed around the task of delivering a single Program output from multiple input sources, however many production systems today are required to deliver outputs to multiple screens, on-set displays and signal distribution systems. This is particularly true for live production of worship & stage events as well as within larger facilities and multi-site complexes.

eXtreme is a truly revolutionary production tool. It has all of the horsepower of Carbonite wrapped inside a highly configurable signal routing & management system. This combination is ideal for mobile production vehicles as it simplifies installation and operation immensely, while also offering tremendous flexibility and significant system cost savings.

The eXtreme chassis can be configured with an I/O of up to 144 x 144 in increments of 8. With eXtreme it is now simple to manage complex productions across multiple output destinations!

eXtreme is available with any Carbonite control panel and destination based signal routing control is simply managed with our NK router panels. Of course eXtreme can also be configured as a Studio System with XPression graphics systems, BlackStorm playout servers and DashBoard control.

With Carbonite eXtreme you have a complete 'state of the art' production system with full signal management. Nothing like this has ever been seen before, it is another Ross first and a real game changer!


The Multi-Destination Revolution!
Carbonite eXtreme eliminates the complex wiring and signal management associated with larger production systems. It is essentially designed from two fully integrated sub-systems: A configurable routing sub-system, with up to 144 physical inputs and outputs and a 2 MLE Carbonite production switcher sub-system.




The Carbonite control panel has access to any of the physical inputs together with input mnemonics and all physical and internal inputs are selectable on any physical output via DashBoard and NK router control panels. Internally the routing system is 154 in by 168 out, allowing any destination to receive any physical input or switcher output.

Of course signal routing, production switcher, XPression graphics, BlackStorm servers and third party device controls are all integrated via our Dashboard control systems, greatly simplifying installation, setup up and operations.

Add our new DashBoard Panel Builder (V6.0) and you can create your own user interface to run your productions exactly the way you want to. You can even create simple task specific control points for inexperienced operators or volunteer users.




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