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Gencom Congratulates WITBN 2012 WIJA Winner NITV, Kimberley Australia

- Wednesday, April 11, 2012
The KIMBERLY GAS HUB SERIES, produced by National Indigenous Television, Australia has been announced as the winner of this year’s WITBN (World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network) 2012 WIJA award.

2012 WIJA (World Indigenous Journalism Awards) is the first international Indigenous journalism award dedicated to presenting Indigenous perspectives through journalism in television and audiovisual media. While journalistic standards and ethics are the essences of this honour, the awards in particular look for the portrayal of Indigenous perspectives on stories of local, national or international impact.

Gencom's CEO Ray Sanders is passionate about Indigenous television and Gencom was one of the sponsors for the inaugural WITBN Conference in Auckland in 2008. Gencom played a major role in the original build of MTS and continues to be involved on an on-going basis.

Māori Television, Aotearoa New Zealand was selected as one of nine 2012 WIJA finalists.  It achieved SPECIAL RECOGNITION by WIJA JURY for TE PITO O TE HENUA in WITBN’s in-depth reporting category.  Gencom also congratulates Māori Television on its achievement.